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When To Repair or Replace Your Wood Fence

When To Repair or Replace Your Wood Fence

Whens the correct time to repair or replace your wood fence. Handy-Matt helps you find out when to do which task.

Many homeowners often ask themselves whether it’s worth the time and effort to repair a faulty fence or if they should just replace it. Wood fences cannot stand the test of time as well as an aluminum or vinyl fence sheerly because of the materials they are made with.

When it comes to making a decision on whether you should replace or repair your fence, it’s often best to look at which method will be the most cost effective for you in the long run. Sometimes repairing a fence over and over again will outweigh the cost of simply replacing it from the get-go. On the other hand, some wood fences are grounded in concrete, making them more expensive to replace.

It’s a hard choice to make, but we’re hoping we can assist you when you make your final decision.

When to Repair Your Wood Fence

Since wood is a natural material, it typically will need repair sooner then it’s aluminum and vinyl counterparts. The most common signs that your wood fence will soon need to be repaired include:

  • Chipping
  • Warping
  • Discoloration
  • Leaning (instead of standing up straight)
  • Splintering

Initially, you’ll want to inspect your fence and the areas around it to decipher what is the root cause of the issue and if it is easily able to be handled. Sometimes, it could be as simple as moving irrigation or eliminating pesky termites that have appeared in the area.

The most simple way to handle smaller issues such as splintering or holes in your fence is to use a high-grade wood filler or putty to fill the gaps. This will help to repair its structural integrity and once again make it look aesthetically pleasing if you decide to go the extra mile and stain it the same color as the wood.

If your wood fence boards are warping or have more extreme damage to them, it is best at this point to fully repair the damaged boards to restore the integrity of your fence.

When to Replace Your Wood Fence

If the above repair options seem too daunting for you, or the fence is simply beyond basic repairs then it’s time to consider a complete replacement. Replacing a fence instead of repairing it can have its benefits. In certain situations this can mean:

  • Saving Time
  • Saving Money
  • Saving Effort

Generally, if more than a third of your fence is in need of repairs, it’s probably a good idea to just replace the whole thing.

Other times, when attempting to replace a wood fence, it may have simply worn out its lifespan. Wood fences can last anywhere from 15-50 years depending on the amount of maintenance you perform on it throughout its existence. If your fence is older than 50 years it’s absolutely time to replace it!

Of course, there are other personal reasons why you may need a fence replacement. Perhaps your little ones or animals continue to escape through it. Others opt to replace older fences with taller, more sturdy, and newer designs. A brand new, beautiful fence can add value to your home and offer additional privacy.

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