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What do Handymen do in the Winter?

What do Handymen do in the Winter?

Winter in the Mid-West can be very bi-polar, with some days featuring below-zero temperatures with blizzard-like snow storms, and then a week later have a 60 degree day that feels like April. From a home improvement side of things, winter is a perfect time address all of those projects on the interior of your home that you have been pushing back.

Team up with the Handy-Matt team to turn that “to-do” list into an “it’s-done” list. Here is a list of our most popular winter services:


Our most popular services during the winter months always revolve around remodel projects that our clients are looking to get finished. Anything from bathroom remodels, kitchen remodels, finishing and unfinished basement, and other projects of the sort are a very popular request when the cold months settle in.

Our recommendation would be to get on that Pinterest account, look at those projects you have pinned, and give us a call to turn them into reality.


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Interior Painting

When it’s below 30 degrees outside, we tend to spend much more time inside of our home, especially when it get’s dark at 5 o’clock. A common request we see follow this cycle is for a new paint job on the inside of your home.

Something about spending more time in our homes brings out the inner interior designer in us all. If you are looking to add a fresh look to your home before the family comes in for Christmas, or just have a room that you would like a new color in, give our team at Handy-Matt a call.



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Gutter Cleaning

Do you want to avoid damage to the siding of your home, or an overflow of water from the roof as that snow starts to melt away? One easy solution to combat both of these is making sure your gutters are cleaned before that first or second big snow hits.

As fall transitions to winter, all those leaves that fell off the tree find a new home in your gutter. Those leaves stick with dirt and other particles to clog your gutters, which could prevent the flow of water. If the water in your gutters has nowhere to go, guess where it’s headed? Inside your home.

Handy Matt Gutter Clean


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Looking to buy a new flat screen TV for the living room, or looking to replace the refrigerator in your kitchen? Our handyman team is ready to help! Our team can be there for as much of the process as you would like. Whether it is one appliance install, or a complete kitchen makeover, we are excited about helping bring your vision to life.

Photo of a sparkling oven and stovetop

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