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Schedule Your Spring Maintenance Early This Year!

Schedule Your Spring Maintenance Early This Year!

Although it’s not quite Spring yet, the weather is starting to warm up and now is a good time to book some of the spring maintenance your home and yard is going to need in the coming weeks.  

If you’re not already thinking about getting ready for Spring, don’t leave it until the last minute.  Here are some the ways you might want to get your home ready.

Spring Maintenance For Your Home

Our typical Spring maintenance includes, but is not limited to, the following services: Gutter Cleaning, Landscape Maintenance, Interior & Exterior Repairs, Installations, Painting, and Rubbish Removal. Whatever your home’s specific needs are, we can put together a package that is both time and cost-efficient.

The benefit of cleaning your gutters for spring

This is an absolute must-have service for your home in the winter to spring transition. The winters of the Midwest will leave your gutters blocked with leaves and dirt.  This will only get worse as the spring rain settles in. If your gutters aren’t flowing properly, you could be in danger of damaged sidings, rotting walls, and even damage to your roof. Our gutter cleaning service will leave your gutters clear to move water from your roof and away from your house.

Spring landscaping

Has your mulch has been scattered around in your flower beds?  Have your plants might have a rough winter?  Perhaps some stones were displaced over the course of the year too?  Our spring cleanup can get your landscape looking fresh and new, and ready for a beautiful spring blossom.  Find out more about our mulching or landscaping services.

Interior & Exterior Repairs:

Although we spend the most time indoors during the winter, it also seems like the season we are least motivated to make repairs to our home (probably due to the cold weather and wanting to get under that blanket as soon as you’re home). If you have a door that needs to be fixed, a desk that needs to be repaired, or a bathroom fixture that needs some love, our team is here to help!


Did you take advantage of some of the holiday deals and get a new appliance for your home? Looking to get ahead and upgrade that TV on the living room wall for baseball season? Contact us to schedule your hassle-free installation.


The daylight is going to begin to stay around for longer which means more light in your home. Freshen up with a fresh paint job for the new season

Rubbish Removal:

Winter brings fallen leaves, branches, and accumulation of other garbage. Nothing says “fresh start to the new season” like getting all of that trash and debris removed right away. Whether time is short or you just don’t have the desire to clean this up alone, let us know and we’ll be there to help.
If there is a particular service you would like to have completed, we’re ready to help check it of your list. Start the spring season with a clean and tidy home and schedule your spring maintenance with Handy Matt today!