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Tree & Shrub Pruning or Removal

As the trees and shrubs in your home’s yard and exterior start to mature, they will approach a time where they will need to pruned and trimmed. This is not only for appearance, but also for function and the health of the structure in general. Some of the main benefits of pruning are:

  • Reduces wind resistance and subsequent storm damage
  • Can bring an earlier bloom period
  • Aids in controlling disease and pests
  • Increases flower and root health
  • Improves the exterior look

Tree pruning can be a daunting task to a homeowner who is not experienced in the field, and/or has a full time job to see to as well. At Handy Matt, this is our specialty. We will inspect the landscape of your home and lay out what features we would look to prune and clean up. This will make the physical exterior of your home cleaner and more beautiful, as well as free up space in your yard.

If you are looking to do away with some of the fixtures that currently inhabit your yard, we can do that as well. Tree removal can be a dangerous job, and you should always call a professional. We aim to be environmentally friendly as well, as we often turn unwanted trees into fire wood or mulch. Sometimes as trees and shrubs mature, they can take away from your vision and appearance of your home. Whatever you personal preferences may be, Handy Matt can get the job done. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment to scope your project!