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Installation Services in Columbia, MO

Handy-Matt LLC is your one-stop call for any installation services you may need for a new house project or remodels in Columbia, MO and throughout the Mid-Missouri area. Our team of experts utilizes their years of experience to plan and execute installation jobs, which translate your vision into real life. From appliance installations to windows and doors, we can complete the project for an affordable rate, as well as execute the installation on your time frame.

A Look at our Installation Jobs in Columbia, MO:

Our main installation projects include, but are not limited to:

Kitchen Installations

Looking to remodel your kitchen or begin the project of bringing the kitchen of your newly built home to life? Handy-Matt LLC can do all of the above for you. We can complete everything from appliance installation to flooring and countertops as well. Not only is our team professional at the labor execution, but after years of seeing projects completed, we can also offer design suggestions.

Bathroom Installations

Adding a half bath to your current home structure, or looking to freshen the look of one of your current bathrooms? We can be there to see the project through from start to finish. Choosing the right design structure and fixtures is just as important to the final project as getting it properly installed. Showers, Faucets, Toilets, Tile – we install it all. Finish the job off with a new paint finish to the walls and some new lights, and we will leave your bathroom glowing and new.

Door Installations

A project that may seem simple can really be an incredible touch to both the exterior and the interior of your home. Upon arrival, the front door is often one of the first structures a person sees at your home. Not only does the look make a huge impact, but doors are also one of the key security measures of your home. Making sure these structures are properly installed is crucial, and our team at Handy-Matt LLC uses our superior security knowledge while installing to make sure every measure taken is in the benefit of your home.

Flooring Installations

Flooring Installation services are a popular service our team offers, and our expertise in all surface types is what we believe drives this traffic. From hardwood to tile and carpet, we can replace and install whatever flooring surface you are looking for. A new flooring installation in your Columbia, MO home could be exactly what you need to make the interior of your house shine.

Light Fixture Installations

Sometimes replacing the bulb just isn’t doing the trick anymore with adding that glow to your home’s rooms. At Handy-Matt LLC, we can go beyond your standard bulb replacement and strategize what options would work best for your home. Whether that be replacing a common area chandelier or adding new fans with different light structuring – our team can handle it all.

Window Installations

Have you received an energy audit on your home lately? Handy-Matt LLC located in Columbia, MO offers a Window Replacement service that will not only benefit your home, but it will save you money. If you schedule a window installation and replacement now, we will work with Home Performance Experts to save you $500 when an energy audit is conducted as well. What are you waiting on?

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