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Maximize the Space in Your Home

Maximize the Space in Your Home

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The holidays are coming and that means dinner parties, family get-togethers, Thanksgiving feasts and visiting relatives. Your home will be filled to the max with decorations, people and food, so it might seem a bit crowded at times. Don’t let your home be the reason to cancel the celebrations. Prepare by utilizing the what you have and following these neat tips to maximize your space!

Tips and Tricks to Maximizing Space

Get the family together for these simple DIY’s and prepare your house just in time for the holidays. Maybe even do a little extra shopping and treat yourself to a new great piece of furniture in the process. Here are some great ideas for your home:

  • Use Trunks for Tables. A trunk is a very versatile piece of furniture. Use the inside for some serious storage and the outside as a relaxing footrest or drink holder.
  • Utilize Folding Furniture. When the family-gathering begins, keep folding furniture in mind. Sure, it isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as your grand wooden dining set, but throw a colorful table cloth over a folding table and you have the perfect extra space for the kids. They are also easily stored for their next use.
  • Use Vertical Storage. Use floor-to-ceiling shelving to maximize your vertical space. Spend a little extra money for built-in shelving or purchase classic shelves that you can hang in any fashion yourself. Also, consider adding vertical storage to your garage. Store extra unperishable products or even the kids’ sports equipment in an organized way.Photo of vertical storage in a living room
  • Use Less Furniture, But Bigger Pieces. Instead of furnishing the entire living room with eight pieces of seating furniture, consider purchasing a sectional couch. Bigger furniture can replace numerous small pieces and save you some space.
  • Use All of Your Closet Space. Even if you don’t have a walk-in, your closet space a can be put to good use. Add a vertically hanging shelf to store all of your shoes. Buy baskets to keep belts, scarfs and other accessories neat. Place dividers inside your dresser’s drawers to separate and organize folded clothing. Ad
  • Evaluate Your Possessions. Do you really need that old recliner from college? Think about the things you have been holding onto that don’t normally get used. Goodwill, garage sales or Craigslist should do the trick.

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Need a Little Extra Help?

These tips and tricks to maximizing space may inspire some additional improvements around the house which mean it’s time to roll out the ole to-do list.

Sometimes, we don’t have the time or the knowledge to complete this list. That’s when a helpful handyman can be called. Call Matt Ford at Handy-Matt LLC with the maintenance and remodeling requests you just can’t seem to fulfill. Handy-Matt’s experts are fast, friendly and ready to help with the smallest of repairs to the biggest of renovations! Get a free quote today.