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How to Stain A Deck

How to Stain A Deck

How To Stain A Deck in Columbia, MO

A lot more goes into staining a deck than most people realize. It is definitely not as easy as going to the store, picking your stain color, and laying down a coat on the deck. In order to ensure a quality stain, one must plan, prepare, and apply, all within a certain time frame. At Handy Matt, we have built our process on experience. We offer a premium staining service that are both affordable and time efficient. Look to these steps to how to stain a deck, or how we would do it for you!

1. Planning

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Most people think when they are staining a deck, they can give it a little wash with the garden hose, let it dry, and then grab a brush and stain away. This is the common misconception. You must first choose the right cleaning product to prepare the deck. Deck wash and stain remover can both be efficient in priming your deck for its new coat and stain. It is also very important to choose the right stain. Not only does the color matter, but that type matters as well. Certain woods work better with certain stains, as well as certain colors match the siding and exterior of your home. This is where the eye of an expert can be very beneficial. Once you have chosen the cleaning product and stain, it is time to gather all of your materials. The last thing you want to happen is to begin staining your deck, and realize you forgot a crucial tool for the project. You will want a power washer and a long handled deck wash brush. And, of course, you will need a way to apply the stain. This can range from brushes to garden sprayers.

To review:

  • Choose a cleaning product (NEED LINK TO EXAMPLE)
  • Choose a stain that complements your home’s color scheme (call a pro for a trained eye)
  • Have a power washer and deck scrub brushes
  • Choose and application method (garden sprayer is a popular method) but always have a paint brush handy

2. Preparing

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Preparing the deck is key to making sure the stain will last as long as advertised and look fantastic. It is time to grab those cleaning supplies you have picked and get to cleaning.

  1. Move any and all furniture or structures off of the deck surface.
  2. Make sure to do a quick sweep of the deck and all surfaces you wish to stain. (This will get any loose dirt and clutter off of the deck that would interfere with the stain.)
  3. Power wash the deck, and base of any exterior surface that touches the deck.
  4. Wash the deck with cleaner and scrubber (especially important for older decks)
  5. Rinse or powerwash away all traces of cleaner
  6. Let it dry

This process is something we take seriously at Handy Matt. Our team knows the proper steps and techniques to execute a quality deck prep job.  These steps will make the stain set faster and deeper. Ensuring a quality glow and long lasting color. Once you have prepared the deck, you are ready to stain.

3. Staining

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Using the right brush and stain are what makes a quality job stick out. The most common mistake DIY deck stainers make is not cleaning the surface correctly prior to staining. The second most common mistake is not reading the instructions on the can! Every brand and stain is slightly different and has special instructions. But here are some tips that apply to every stain job.First, when we are staining, we want to go with the grain of the wood, especially for the first layer. This will paint a smooth layer onto the surface and provide a quality base for the stain. Avoid staining your deck under intense sunlight as well. This can affect how the stain is absorbed and sets in. To have the

  1. Brush/apply your stain with the grain of the wood (especially for the first layer). This will paint a smooth layer onto the surface and provide a quality base for the stain.
  2. Avoid staining your deck under intense sunlight if possible. This can affect how the stain is absorbed and sets in.
  3. Apply multiple thin layers until the desired color is achieved.
  4. Take your time. This is not a rush job. The many hours your put in now could add years to the live of your deck.

4. Wrap Up

There is a certain art to staining a deck that can be perfected through repetition and execution. These three steps are a good baseline when looking to perform a deck staining job, but nothing beats experience. And, Handy Matt definitely has some trade toe use to make your deck have a little extra glow. Call or fill out our online form to receive a quote for your next deck project or power washing service today.

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