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How to Save Money with an Energy Audit

How to Save Money with an Energy Audit

Save Money with a Home Energy Audit

Ever wonder just how your power bill gets so high? The answer probably isn’t as simple as the number on your thermostat.

Energy comes and goes from our homes in so many different ways. The most efficient homes and commercial buildings are optimized to use the lowest amount of energy possible to maintain your comfort and standard of living. Unfortunately, most homes don’t always work like this. It’s likely your home has several problem areas that are causing you to use extra energy (and increasing your power costs in the process).

Homeowners who undergo an energy audit and make the recommended repairs can save up to 30% on their energy costs every year! Keep reading to learn more about how an audit can save you money for decades of home ownership.  

How Audits Work

Home Energy Audit Columbia MOAn energy audit is a detailed and comprehensive process that works to identify the areas of your home or business that are wasting the most energy. Trusted companies (like our partners at Home Performance Experts) can test, inspect, diagnose and report on all of the areas where your home is wasting energy.

Testing and Reporting

During a diagnostic test, an energy auditor will test your duct leakage and use a blower and an infrared scan to determine the airtightness and thermal breakdown of your space.

Infrared scans are pretty cool — they are used to check the effectiveness of your home’s insulation and help identify areas where insulation could be improved. Blowers are also used to check for air leaks and to measure the airtightness around doors and windows.

Problem Areas for Energy Loss

A diagnostic test and report will detail the major findings of your energy audit. The top problems you can expect to discuss will likely include the following:

  • Air Leaks

Cracks and openings (such as through doors or windows) can make it difficult for your home or business to maintain a consistent temperature. This can put pressure on your heating and cooling systems and cost you more money in energy bills each month as your system works harder to keep up.

  • Insulation

When insulation is working properly, it works to resist heat flow around your space. If areas of your insulation aren’t up to par, you could be losing large amounts of heat without even knowing it.  Lower your heating and cooling costs by making sure the area is properly insulated.

  • Moisture and Ventilation

Moisture can affect your home’s ability to regulate airflow and keep energy costs down. Not to mention, excess moisture can cause other costly issues, such as mold or structural damage. Proper ventilation can help ensure your home keeps the right amount of moisture in and allows the harmful chemicals and excess moisture to get out.

Energy Saving Installations

Save Money Family Columbia Missouri

After the audit is said and done, Handy-Matt can take care of the necessary repairs and installations to get you on your way to saving money on your power bills (not to mention increasing the value of your property if you want it to be market-ready).

The most common replacements for lowering your energy costs include:

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Insulation
  • Light fixtures
  • Appliances

We will use your energy audit to help you determine exactly what you need to do to make your space totally energy efficient. Our team of seasoned professionals will handle the repairs you need quickly and easily. We’ll even work with the team at Home Performance Experts to save you $500 if you use them to perform your energy audit!

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