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How to Mount a TV

How to Mount a TV

"How to Mount a TV" floating over a picture of an electric drill and screws

Sam’s Club finally placed a price cut on that 65-in flat-screen you’ve been drooling over. Workers plopped it in the back of your SUV, and you merrily drove home to set it up before this Sunday morning’s kick-off. You get home and soon realize your original stand is way too small for this new beauty. It’s time to hang man’s best friend above the fireplace and kick that old furniture to the curb.

Mounting a TV can efficiently increase viewability, making it perfect for the whole family to enjoy movie nights, or for you to watch Sunday football from the kitchen. Mounted TVs also decrease clutter in your living room, which calls for a fresh rearrangement just in time for the holidays.

Mounting your new flat-screen TV is a doable task, but it does require a little thinking beforehand. Follow these simple steps for an easy set-up.

Finding Your TV’s Spot

The first step is figuring out where that flat-screen is going. Look at all the possible wall space available in your living room, and try to avoid the areas where outside light will produce glares.

Use a Stud Finder

Using a stud finder will allow you to find stable wood studs hidden behind the drywall of your home. If your home has metal studs, we do not recommend mounting your TV only because metal studs can’t withhold a TV’s weight. Drilling into a wood stud will ensure your TV will safely hang on your wall for years to come. Stud finders are inexpensive and will help keep any unnecessary holes to a minimum.

Find The Power Source

Another good tip is to keep in mind where your TV’s possible power sources live. Is there an outlet and a cable TV jack located near your TV’s potential home? Extension cords or lengthened power cords are always an option, but are not always aesthetically pleasing.

Purchase the Right Mount for Your TV

Usually, purchasing the right mount for your TV is as easy as buying the one your TV manufacturer suggests. There are many different types of wall mounts: some move in all directions, some tilt and some simply keep a TV in place. A typical mount will come with two mounting arms for the back of your flat screen and one bracket for your wall.

A graphic briefly describing the three main types of TV mounts

A tilting wall mount would be the best option for those with heavy TVs and those looking for convenient installation. These mounts can typically handle more weight than a full-motion mount, and they are perfect for TVs being hung above eye-level.

Purchasing the wrong size mount can cause hours of frustration, so it is important to choose the right one before you get working. Again, look to see if your TV manufacturers have made one specifically for your flat-screen, or ask a store representative for suggestions.

Attach the Mounting Arms to the TV

The next step is to attach the mounting arms to the back of your TV. Remove the stand from your TV if attached and search for the mounting holes on the back of your flat-screen. Next, attach the arms to the mounting holes using the bolts that came with your kit. Don’t over-tighten the bolts and damage the mount, and be sure your TV will sit upright when all is finished.

Attach the Bracket to the Wall

  • After finding the location of each wood stud, find their center and mark them with a pencil, or puncture the wall with a nail.
  • Measure the distance between the top and bottom holes of the mount arms on your wall’s bracket. Using that measurement, mark two additional points on your wall near the first markings you made.
  • Use a level to test the mounting markings/holes you made for your wall bracket.
  • Get out that power drill, and drill holes over those markings.
  • Attach the wall bracket to the wall using the screws or bolts your mount supplied.

Hang the TV According to the Directions of the Mount

If the directions of the mount you purchased have specific steps, please follow them. Some mounts require a more tedious installation to ensure your TV is stable.

Connecting the Brackets

If the audio and video outlets are going to be hidden behind your flat screen, plug in your cords before you begin the connection process.

Lock the TV mounting bracket onto the wall bracket plate. Follow the mount’s directions for any additional connection instructions. Be sure to test if the brackets’ connection is secure with a couple light tugs and make the appropriate adjustments.

The only thing left to do is plug in your TV’s audio, video and cable cords, set up the BluRay, plug in the xBox and gather up the family to enjoy your new mounted flat-screen.

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