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How To Keep Your Home Improvement Resolutions

How To Keep Your Home Improvement Resolutions

Photo of a paint brush sitting on a white paint bucket

Fulfilling a list of resolutions is hard. We all gain a glimpse of inspiration at the start of the new year only to be disappointed when it fades away a month later. Home improvement resolutions are even harder to fulfill when they take up huge amounts of time and require energy we seem to not have after the holidays. This year take Handy-Matt’s advice and make your home improvement resolutions happen!

Keeping New Year’s Home Improvement Resolutions

We all have dreams for our homes, and fortunately, many of them are within reach. If you have a list of home improvements you want for your home, complete them this year with these helpful tips:

Prioritize Your List of Improvements

What is the most important item on your list? What can wait until later in the year? These questions are important when organizing your jumbled list of improvements. Simply think about which items are must-haves right now and begin working on those first.

Divide Tasks Up By Room Or Month

Some of your improvements may be massive renovations which are pretty intimidating at first. Divide these renovations up into smaller tasks that you can complete each month. If the renovation extends across multiple areas of the home, divide it by room. This way the resolution seems attainable which will keep you more motivated.

Know What You Can’t Do

Don’t know how to lay ceramic tile? Handy-Matt does. You won’t be able to complete every thing on the list on your own, and that’s OK. Hire a trusted handyman for those projects that require extra expertise or those that you want to be perfect. Take some projects off your plate with a handyman from Handy-Matt!

Combine With Self-Improvement Resolutions

Your home may not be the only thing you want to improve this year. If you have self-improvement resolutions like eating healthier or becoming more active try combining them with your home improvement efforts. If you are motivated to eat healthier, start with your kitchen renovations. Remember, home renovating is a great exercise in itself. Get to work, and accomplish more this year!

Did you know? You can burn 238 calories an hour while staining a fence!

Photo of someone staining their deck

Reward Yourself

Just finish a painting job in the living area? Reward yourself with a new picture frame or piece of art. Accomplishing your home improvement list is an accomplishment in itself, but sometimes we need motivation to continue working. Give yourself a positive reinforcement after finishing two or three items on your list.

Make A Daily To-Do List

You can break up even your smallest of resolutions into doable daily tasks. An example is painting one wall everyday for one week to cover a whole area. Physically breaking down a task into several checkpoints will encourage you to get it done.

Save Up For Next Year

If the bank account isn’t approving of your dream home this year, start saving for next year. Saving money is a resolution in itself, and you can thoroughly think about the renovations you want as the year goes on. Saving up can also promise better upgrades and more of the improvements you want.

Complete your home improvement New Year’s resolutions this year with the help of Handy-Matt. Our handymen can accomplish a range of tasks to get that list completed in no time. Give us a call and ask about our services today!