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How Often Should You Clean Your Gutters

How Often Should You Clean Your Gutters


Cleaning your gutters is one of those things that has to get done, no matter how big of a pain it may be; it is just part of owning a house.  The benefits of gutter cleaning are in the things that it actually prevents. Water damage is the main threat of clogged and dirty gutters. Water can overflow and find its way into places it shouldn’t be. This can include the inside of your home, but also the foundation, causing significant and costly damage to your home.

With that said, how many times a year should you clean out your gutter to keep your home safe? Usually, twice.

However, depends on how many trees you have and the kind of trees, but a minimum of twice a year is recommended for any home. If you have pine trees in your yard, you may want to clean them quarterly, as pine needles are one of the biggest culprits for creating clogged gutters. Moreover, if you have a high concentration of trees that is another sign you should probably clean the gutters quarterly, just to be safe.

Now you may be wondering, are there any ways to minimize the magnitude of each job? Pruning your trees back, if they are hanging directly over your roof, will help. This will decrease the amount of debris that makes goes into the gutter.

You may also want to consider gutter guards. Gutter guards act as a filter that prevents debris from finding its way into the gutter, without disrupting the purpose of pulling water away from your house. Be careful with these. Debris will still make it into your gutter, but gutter guards can reduce the amount of debris you need to clean out each month.

If a gutter cleaning job seems just a little too daunting, have no worries; the handyman crew at Handy-Matt are highly skilled and trained for efficient and safe gutter cleaning. We will also work with you to show you ways you can reduce the debris that lands on your roof while practicing safe techniques. Give us a call today!  

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