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Hire a Handyman This Winter

Hire a Handyman This Winter

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You shouldn’t have to wait until spring for cleaning, repairing and renovating. Winter is the perfect time for marking things off the honey-do-list and fulfilling your Pinterest dreams. Not enough time on your hands? Hiring a handyman from Handy Matt LLC is the perfect solution!

It’s almost time for the holidays, so why not wow your visiting friends and family with a new spruced up bathroom, kitchen or living room? Simple upgrades can go a long way, and a handyman can prepare any home for a joyful season.

Home Improvements

There is a high availability of handymen during the chillier months, so now is a great time to start improvements. Handymen are skilled professionals in a wide range of areas, and the handymen from Handy Matt can do anything from lighting to kitchens to painting and more. Here are some suggested improvements our handymen can do for you:

  • Kitchen Upgrades: These upgrades could be as simple as changing out cabinet handles to installing new tile flooring. Stain the cabinets a new shade or change the overhead lighting to enhance the space. Consider updating the appliances as well.
  • Appliance Installation: Need some appliances installed or serviced? Handymen can work with refrigerators, ovens, showers, dishwashers and more.
  • New Lighting Fixtures: A new light fixture can provide some additional lighting during those gloomy months. A ceiling fan set in reverse can retain heat in a room and will later be perfect for when the weather warms up.
  • Furnace Upkeep: Changing and cleaning furnace filters is easy with a handyman. You can make  your home’s heating systems more efficient by spending a little extra time with them.
  • Bathroom Reno: Install a new sink, faucet or toilet seat with ease. Replace old mirrors with a modern one for a quick update.
  • Painting: Give a room or two a whole new look. Start with a simple paint job to inspire more renovations around the home. Try using a stenciled pattern or having an accent wall for an eye-catching look.Photo of several paint brushes and rollers
  • Closet Updates: Especially during the holidays, space is a major issue. Built-in shelving and other closet organizers can help keep things in order.
  • Add Weatherstripping: Drafty doors can shoot up the utility bill. Hire a handyman to repair broken doors and windows as well as apply new weatherstripping to keep the chilly air out.

From complete guts to simple upgrades, a handyman can provide all the improvements your home needs. If you are looking for a trusted handyman in the Columbia, MO area, call Matt Ford at Handy-Matt LLC. The experts at Handy-Matt are ready to assist you with all the renovations on your to-do list, and they’ll do it in no time. Call today for a quote!