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From Handyman to Hollywood

From Handyman to Hollywood

Where it all began.

There are many roads to fame, but none of them seem as handy as the road to fame for Harrison Ford. Yes, that’s right, Harrison Ford was a handyman for many years, specifically a carpenter. Mostly self-taught, he found himself to be both handy and savvy enough to land some major projects; it was projects like the $100,000 studio for a Brazilian Band leader, Sergio Mendes, that he used for financial support for him and his family before his big break. Though never giving up his desire to act, Ford used his handy skills to keep himself financially afloat until acting projects he truly desired came along.

It was this patience, and ability to be patient, that eventually lead Ford into the spotlight of Hollywood producer Fred Roos. Fred Roos ended up as the casting director for “American Graffiti”, directed by none other than George Lucas. This in turn, as all great friends and connections in Hollywood do, lead to a roll in Lucas’s film.

However, that isn’t exactly how Ford ended up in Star Wars. Lucas asked Ford to be the stand-in, script reading during the auditions for Han Solo. Ford wasn’t even aware he could be considered for the role. After several test readings, Lucas decided Ford would make a great Han Solo (frankly, we couldn’t agree more, and we’re sure everyone agrees).

While Ford’s story is interestingly unique, (it also begs the question: Matt Ford = handyman, Harrison Ford = also a handyman, so does Matt Ford + Harrison Ford = lost cousins? If our algebra is correct, it sure does!) he’s not the only one in Hollywood who is handy!

Other Actors Who Are Handy In Hollywood.

  • Tim Allen of Home Improvement not only played a handyman but outside of the studio, he also takes an avid interest in the tools and hobby.
  • William H. Macy found a love for woodworking while on the set of the film Fargo (we’ll let your imagination interpret what woodworking he took an interest in…).
  • While Brad Pitt may not be building houses all on his own, his charity that he founded is; and they’re building them for those in need, and using sustainable and affordable techniques and designs.
  • Nick Offerman is an avid woodworker, much like his character on Parks and Rec, Ron Swanson.

As many of these actors likely know, being a handyman is about much more than just building or fixing things. The team at Handy-Matt is dedicated to the service of our customers; no matter what it takes Handy-Matt will get it done while exceeding expectations. Friendly faces, dependable service and a passion for the creation and maintenance of everyday life, this is why we do what we do. Contact us today if you have any handy work needed to be done, or if are thinking about getting work done. We are here for you!