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Fall To Do List for Your Home

Fall To Do List for Your Home

The differences between summer and winter are stark; those differences can take a toll on your home unless you prepare it properly. Here are some ways you can prepare your home for winter before winter even arrives:

Tend to your heating system.

Fall is the best time to change out the air filters on your furnace; this will increase the efficiency of the furnace and ultimately save you money. Additionally, buying and installing a programmable thermostat is one of the best ways to save energy costs in the winter. Program the thermostat to around 70 degrees when you are home and 62-65 degrees for when you are away at work or asleep.

Scan your roof.

Check for shingles that need to be replaced. Loose or missing shingles can allow leaks to come in whenever there is snow sitting on the roof. Shingles are relatively cheap to replace. If you find individual or whole areas of damaged shingles, it may be best to hire a handyman for this job. You don’t want to risk messing up your roof and dealing with a leaky winter.

Prep your mower for winter.

Grass stops growing in the winter time so there is no more need to mow after the first freeze. However, you should properly prep your mower for winter or it will cost you in the spring. Don’t let fuel sit in the mower’s tank all winter long as it will slowly deteriorate. Consider adding a fuel preservant or if there is just a little bit of fuel left, simply run the mower until there is no more gas left.

Check and clear all gutters.

Winter time means it will snow, and snow melts. Clear your gutters to make sure that all that water has somewhere to go that isn’t into your home. Cluttered gutters can also lead to ice dams in the gutter, and those can also lead to leaks.

Drain outdoor water.

When water freeze in pipes, they burst. Drain the water out of your irrigation system to prevent pipes from bursting. This will save you time, hassle and a lot of money in the springtime.

Trim any excessive tree branches.

Make sure that there are no tree branches extending over your home, street or any other areas where structures, people or cars may go. Snow can be very heavy and sticky leading to snapping tree branches that can cause serious damage to you or your property. So go ahead and trim them today to relieve any worries during big snow storms.

Sometimes, it is necessary to call in a professional to look into your heating system. Handy-Matt’s highly trained professionals can access any situation and make the best call for what to do next. Additionally, If you need help preparing your lawn for winter, reach out to Handy-Matt today and we can make sure your yard and landscape are ready for anything.


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