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Deck Staining and Power Washing in January

Deck Staining and Power Washing in January

With the cold weather finally arriving in Missouri, the holidays a wrap and New Year’s resolutions set, your deck may be the last thing you are thinking about. But should it actually be on top of your mind? January and February are actually great months to do deck staining and power washing for a few a reasons; however, there are things to consider before jumping into a project to create the best possible outcome for your deck.

Staining your deck in the winter. A good or bad idea?  

If you are looking to stain your deck in the winter, you need to be wary of the temperature. In general, you should never stain your deck with an air temperature below 45 degrees Fahrenheit; however, you should check your can of stain for more specific temperature rules. The other big thing to remember is that it not only needs to be 45 degrees or above but also for 8-12 hours following application. These warmer days are relatively rare in the winter, but we do get them here in Missouri; spend the warmer winter days working on your deck so you can spend the actual warm months enjoying it!

Power washing your deck.

Another chore you can check off in the winter months is power washing your deck; this is often done just before staining. However, since power washers use water, it is very important to understand a few things before using a power washer in the winter months.

The biggest thing to remember is to not let water in the washer freeze. Water expands as it freezes and if a washer is full of water as it freezes, this will cause serious damage to the internal pipes and workings. You can use antifreeze in some instances to help prevent internal freezing; automotive antifreeze will do the trick. You should consider blowing out the water after use as well to further prevent the possibility of damage due to freezing water.


The winter is no time to ignore the exterior of your home. Follow our tips and prepare your lawn for an enjoyable spring and summer. If you would like advice or have power washing and deck staining done for you, as always, reach out to Handy-Matt. We are the trusted name in Columbia, Missouri for all things handy; especially deck staining and power washing during these cold dark months!