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Columbia MO Realtor

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If you are looking to sell your home, looking to upgrade, or are looking to move in the Columbia, Missouri area, Matt Ford is your realtor to call. Matt understands that when people are looking to make a change to their living arrangements, they are looking for a realtor who:

  • Is Personable – Someone that they can have a conversation with and be comfortable being around.
  • Is Knowledgable – Someone who knows the market understands how to effectively match their goals to their home of interest.
  • Communicates Well – A realtor that not only communicates everything that is going on, but communicates often as well.
  • Has Integrity – A typical stereotype of realtors is trying to get the most money from a deal. Someone with integrity has the clients best interest in mind.

If you ask around, these are all qualities that Matt operates his realtor service. With his extensive background in home improvement, Matt can lay out a plan to make your home’s value increase, while also being able to look at prospective homes with the needed improvements in mind.

What Matt has to say:

“I provide excellent customer service with the purchase, sale, lease or management of property.”

Buy a home:

“I will help you find a home that is best for you. I will take into account your current financial situation and your family’s life style.”

Sell your home:

“I can offer advise and perform maintenance, landscaping and energy efficient improvements to get your home sold.”

Lease your property:

“I can screen for reliable tenants.”

Property management:

“I can maintain property to be clean and safe, respond quickly to emergencies and repairs. Handle all aspects of billing and management so you don’t have to.”

Matt Ford’s Background:

  • Bachelors of Science from Columbia College in Finance and Management
  • Licensed Missouri Realtor
  • Owner of Handy-Matt LLC – Property Maintenance Business
  • Landlord
  • 5 years of experience as Property Manager
  • Missouri Life and Health Insurance License
  • Member of the Credit Committee (Columbia Employees Credit Union)
  • Lifelong resident of Columbia – very familiar with the area and businesses
  • My services are unique and comprehensive; your satisfaction is my top priority.