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How to Choose the Perfect Exterior House Color

How to Choose the Perfect Exterior House Color

How to Choose the Perfect Exterior Paint Color

Deciding the exterior color of your house can be a difficult decision to make. It is the color you, your neighbors, and your guests will see for years to come. Some homeowners search for a color they feel represents them, others may look for a color that stands out, and some may want to blend in with the neighborhood look.

There are a few things to take into consideration when choosing the perfect color for the exterior of your home and we have deeper insight for you when it comes to picking the best color.

Wanting to Keep your Exterior Color More Subtle?

Subtle House Color

Beige is a smart, simple exterior house color.

There are a number of exterior colors that are very common among homeowners. A majority of people like to keep their house on a neutral color scheme to blend in with the surrounding houses.

Some common color schemes to consider are grays, beiges, whites, taupes, and creams. These lighter colors are good if you are looking to stay more subtle among other houses. Each color scheme also has multiple shades anywhere from light to dark. Once you pick your color, there many shades and undertones to choose from.

Looking to Make a Bold Exterior Painting Move?

Crazy Exterior House Colors

Catch everyone’s attention with a bright yellow exterior paint job.

If you are looking for a brighter, bolder color for your exterior, some good options are shades of maroon, yellow, blue, green, and browns. Picking a bold color will make your house stand out against the rest, so it’s important to choose the right shade. For whatever color you pick, there are shades that are more muted and some that are more vibrant. There is a lot that goes into picking the right color, so think about each of the pros and cons of your selection.

Pro Tip: Make sure to check with your Homeowners Association to ensure your chosen exterior color is approved. Some associations have strict rules about particular colors on the exterior of homes to keep the tone of the neighborhood in sync.

Upgrade Your Curb Appeal

Exterior Paint Curb Appeal

The right coat of paint can increase your home’s curb appeal.

A great option for ultimate curb appeal is having an accent color to tie the exterior look together. This could be choosing a subtle or more obvious color to paint the shutters, trim, window frames, and front door. When picking the accent color, you can go a few shades lighter or darker than the overall exterior color to make them perfectly complement each other. You may want to even choose a more bold color, such as red or royal blue, that will really tie in the overall look.

Having an accent color adds a little more style and personality to the house while remaining harmonious with the neighborhood aesthetic. It also provides a good reference for additional decor in the yard or front landing.

How to Paint With Brick or Stone

Painting Brick House Exterior

A quaint brick house painted with a subtle tan exterior paint.

It is very common for people to own homes with exterior brick or stone, but sometimes it can make it a little more difficult to pick a color that blends. Neutrals are a great option for either brick or stone. It makes the brick pop and shows the rich color of the stones. It keeps the house’ colors balanced and improves curb appeal.

Painting brick has become a more prominent trend when it comes to exterior decorating. White, tan, brown, and other neutrals are viable options and are the leading colors to paint brick. It adds a unique aspect to your house and gives a more rustic aesthetic.

Costs of Painting The Exterior of Your Home

Cost of Painting House

You’ve finally found the best exterior color, but, how much will it all cost?

When you finally choose the right color for your home, it’s time to decide the brand and pricing. Paint prices can vary largely between brands, colors, and finishes. Even a few cent difference can add up when buying multiple gallons. You can end up paying anywhere from $30-$70 a gallon for a good quality paint brand and depending on your square feet, it can add up quickly.

The overall price has many factors contributing to it, such as square footage, stories, accessibility, paint brand, and painter’s labor. It is important to communicate with your painter to agree on a price that works for both of you.

For a smaller home, it is estimated anywhere from $1000 and up. Bigger homes can range from $3000 to $6000, but the job can exceed that amount if other factors are taken into play. These estimated values include all materials and the process of the painting, however, it all depends on your specific chooses on paint and labor.

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