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Back to School Means More Time for Home Improvement

A little over a month has gone by since the kids have been back in school and things are finally starting to feel like a routine. The day-by-day planning that summer brings is over, and the kids are somewhat getting used to that early alarm clock and morning routine. With the kids out of the […]

Tips for DIY Projects on Your Home

The Do-It-Yourself community is large, and from the owner of a handyman business, it is actually cool to see. If you are looking to take on a project around your home, minor or small, I would always recommend getting a quote from a professional first. If you are still motivated to do it on your […]

The Home Repair Checklist When Selling Your Home

Are you looking to get your home ready to sell, increase its value, and improve its curb appeal? Approach this process from the buyer’s intent, and look at your home as if you were on the other side of the table. It is important to keep in mind what areas of your home are in […]

Interior Painting Tips

  Plan. Prepare. Paint – Have you been thinking about repainting a room or an entire level of your home for a while now? Have you been hesitant because you are scared you will mess it up, literally. Or, maybe you’re worried it won’t turn out how you envisioned it? Well never fear, Handy Matt […]

The Spring Maintenance Checklist

  It seems like every time spring rolls around, we accumulate this endless list of need-to-do tasks for our home that we pushed off through the winter season. Not only have we pushed of those things, but more tasks have arisen with the change in weather, both to the interior and exterior of our homes. […]

How to Stain A Deck

How To Stain A Deck in Columbia, MO A lot more goes into staining a deck than most people realize. It is definitely not as easy as going to the store, picking your stain color, and laying down a coat on the deck. In order to ensure a quality stain, one must plan, prepare, and […]