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What Can Missourians Do to Save the Bees?

Bees have been getting a lot of attention lately; from news media, activists and even our government. Bees have been disappearing and dying off in huge numbers over the last few years. This is bad news for pretty much everyone; from beekeepers, to farmers to consumers, we all have a lot to lose. However, there is something we all can do to help.

4 Tips to Planning out Your Kitchen Remodel

How much time do you normally spend in the kitchen? Whether you cook three times a day or once a week, your kitchen is one of the central points of your home.

6 Gutter Cleaning Tips

Mid-Missouri residents must clean their gutters at least twice per year. Fall and winter leave dirt, debris, and other muck in your gutters and can cause them to clog.

Schedule Your Spring Maintenance Early This Year!

Although it’s not quite Spring yet, the weather is starting to warm up and now is a good time to book some of the spring maintenance your home and yard is going to need in the coming weeks.   If you’re not already thinking about getting ready for Spring, don’t leave it until the last […]

How To Keep Your Home Improvement Resolutions

Fulfilling a list of resolutions is hard. We all gain a glimpse of inspiration at the start of the new year only to be disappointed when it fades away a month later. Home improvement resolutions are even harder to fulfill when they take up huge amounts of time and require energy we seem to not have […]

Hire a Handyman This Winter

You shouldn’t have to wait until spring for cleaning, repairing and renovating. Winter is the perfect time for marking things off the honey-do-list and fulfilling your Pinterest dreams. Not enough time on your hands? Hiring a handyman from Handy Matt LLC is the perfect solution! It’s almost time for the holidays, so why not wow […]

What do Handymen do in the Winter?

Winter in the Mid-West can be very bi-polar, with some days featuring below-zero temperatures with blizzard-like snow storms, and then a week later have a 60 degree day that feels like April. From a home improvement side of things, winter is a perfect time address all of those projects on the interior of your home […]

Maximize the Space in Your Home

The holidays are coming and that means dinner parties, family get-togethers, Thanksgiving feasts and visiting relatives. Your home will be filled to the max with decorations, people and food, so it might seem a bit crowded at times. Don’t let your home be the reason to cancel the celebrations. Prepare by utilizing the what you […]

How to Mount a TV

Sam’s Club finally placed a price cut on that 65-in flat-screen you’ve been drooling over. Workers plopped it in the back of your SUV, and you merrily drove home to set it up before this Sunday morning’s kick-off. You get home and soon realize your original stand is way too small for this new beauty. […]

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