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How to Choose the Perfect Exterior House Color

Deciding the exterior color of your house can be a difficult decision to make. It is the color you, your neighbors, and your guests will see for years to come. Some homeowners search for a color they feel represents them, others may look for a color that stands out, and some may want to blend […]

5 Steps to Installing Your Mailbox

Installing a post-mounted mailbox in front of your home is one way to add undeniable curb appeal and welcomeness to your home. This walkthrough will teach you the most common and correct way to install a mailbox in front of your home. What you Need to Install a Mailbox The items listed below are mandatory […]

When To Repair or Replace Your Wood Fence

Many homeowners often ask themselves whether it’s worth the time and effort to repair a faulty fence or if they should just replace it. Wood fences cannot stand the test of time as well as an aluminum or vinyl fence sheerly because of the materials they are made with. When it comes to making a […]

3 Ways to Improve Your Tenant Turnover Maintenance

For all property managers around a university or college campus… it is tenant turnover season! Now that summer is coming to an end, new students will come from long summer breaks to discover their new abode for the upcoming semester or school year. Making sure your tenant turnover maintenance process is efficient and optimized can […]

5 Things to Consider Before Installing a Fence

There are several reasons why homeowners may decide that they want to install a fence. Not only does a fence look appealing and add character to your home, but fences also have practical purposes. Maybe you want room for your dog to run, maybe you want to keep out noise, or maybe you want some […]

5 Things You Should Know If You’re Planning to Paint This Summer

Summer is here and it may have you feeling inspired to make some changes inside one of the rooms in your home, and painting is a great way to do that. Perhaps the paint on your wall is looking a bit dull and needs to be refreshed, or maybe you want to brighten up a […]

6 Reasons Spring is the Best Time for Mulching

During spring you might notice several areas in your community are adding fresh mulch to their landscaping. Nothing freshens up the look of your landscape exterior like some freshly added mulch. However, adding mulch does much more than just give your yard a facelift. Mulch is one of the key components to a growing, healthy […]

Preparing to Sell This Spring? How to Get Your Home Market-Ready

Preparing to sell your home this spring? Maybe you need more room for your growing family, maybe you’re downsizing, or maybe you’re relocating to a new city. Whatever the reason may be for your big move, springtime seems to be the most popular season for home sales. School is soon to be out for the […]

Springing Into Deck Staining Season

Spring is here! That means it’s time for outdoor projects like mulching/landscaping, fence installation, and quite possibly the most popular among homeowners—deck staining. When deciding what projects you’d like to get done this spring, staining your deck should be at the top of your list for several reasons. Homeowners with wooden decks need to stain […]

February is the Month for Put Backs

February is the perfect month for “put backs”—basically repairing any damages that may have happened to your home during the winter.