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Back to School Means More Time for Home Improvement

Back to School Means More Time for Home Improvement

A little over a month has gone by since the kids have been back in school and things are finally starting to feel like a routine. The day-by-day planning that summer brings is over, and the kids are somewhat getting used to that early alarm clock and morning routine. With the kids out of the house during the day, your schedule has all of the sudden significantly opened up. “What will I do with all of this time?” you ask? It’s time to get back to those home projects you had pushed off, or to start those ideas you’ve had spinning around.

Here are a few ideas and tips to turn those plans into actions:

Prioritize Your List

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As a fellow homeowner, I know that list of things you want to do around the house never seems to shrink; it only seems to grow. From a planning perspective, this can make the process seem very intimidating. In order to be excited and motivated about what you want to accomplish, you need to prioritize that list. Take into consideration:

  • What tasks am I most excited about?
  • What tasks NEED to get done?
  • Which tasks can I do within my budget?
  • What is my goal for improving my home?

Asking yourself these questions can help you find deeper root for what you really should get done first, second, and so on. Matching your wants, needs, and budget is a good practice in general to stay focused on checking things off of your list

Work from the Inside –> Out, Or Outside –> In

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It is a common mistake for people to spread their resources too far around there home, and as a result, feel scattered in their projects. If you identify that you are going to repaint your bathrooms and kitchen, are there any other high priority items you can accomplish at the same time? Can you replace certain appliances or add new lighting in those rooms?

Likewise with the exterior of your home; if you are going to power wash the entire outside of your house, would that be a good time to add a new landscaping feature or fix the railing on your porch? Grouping tasks by interior and exterior will help you stay focused and eliminate the chance of you spreading your resources too thin.

Set Deadlines and Goals

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This can be one of the most effective processes to implement into your home improvement efforts. If your kids are in high school or below, chances are you have a solid window of time between now and Thanksgiving Break that would be good to utilize for this home improvement movement. If your goal is to paint all of the bathrooms in the house, plan everything out with a solid deadline in mind that you are committed to meeting. With a deadline in mind, you can now plan every step of the process out with an end in mind mentality. Having checkpoints for planning, checkpoints for gather materials, and then actual dates you commit to completing tasks will make life much easier on you.

Bonus Tip: Think With the End In Mind

This simple tip is incredible valuable when talking home improvement. Think from the end, not the beginning. This will allow you to envision what you are trying to accomplish, and then work backwards for exactly what you will need to gather and accomplish to do so. Plus, having a vision makes this process much more exciting.

With these tips in mind, you should be ready to rock and roll with your home projects. Pack the kids lunch, send them on there way, and get to working! As always, if you begin planning your projects out and can’t seem to find the time in the day, we have a team of experts at Handy Matt ready for your call. From small to large projects, we can assist or take over in any way that you may need. Here’s to the season of home improvement!