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5 Things You Should Know If You’re Planning to Paint This Summer

5 Things You Should Know If You’re Planning to Paint This Summer

Summer is here and it may have you feeling inspired to make some changes inside one of the rooms in your home, and painting is a great way to do that. Perhaps the paint on your wall is looking a bit dull and needs to be refreshed, or maybe you want to brighten up a room with a brand new color.

Painting is an easy way to give life to a room and brighten up the space. No matter the color or the room you’re considering painting, even the smallest change can make a huge difference. If you’re considering a paint job this summer, here’s what you should know.

Sheen is Important

The finish of your paint, or sheen, will have a major impact on your walls and different finishes come with many considerations. Gloss or satin hold up better to touching and can be cleaned more easily, so definitely consider these if the room is a high traffic area. But, they can make wall imperfections much more pronounced whereas a matte like finish, such as flat, will not clean as well or endure touches, but you won’t see imperfections as much.

Understand Color

Select colors that add depth and texture to a room. Understand the psychology of color and use it to your advantage. A color in the blue family is peaceful, calming, and would work great in a bedroom, whereas black adds drama and works great as an accent color. Don’t be afraid to be bold when deciding what color to paint your space, and always try samples on the wall first.

Do the Math

It’s important to know the total square footage of the walls (plus a little extra) so that you purchase the appropriate amount of paint. It’s always great to have a little bit leftover for any repair work that needs to be done later on.

Start With Primer & Use Rollers

Unless your paint is an all-in-one-mixture, you’ll need to prime your walls before painting. Primer not only covers up old colors and stains, it also adds a layer to allow the top coat of paint to better adhere, giving you a much better result. Primer ensures that the paint will last longer and be more appealing to the eye. Also, rollers will save you time! Make sure that the roller is loaded with paint and sounds wet. Paint in an overlapping “W” shape to get better coverage and smooth out roller lines.

Hot Weather & Painting

There’s no reason to put off your painting until cooler weather comes around, just follow these simple tips.

  1. Avoid walls with direct sunlight shining at all costs, switch to different areas as the sun moves throughout the day.
  2. Keep your bucket or can cool using ice. For painter’s buckets, place ice in the bucket before the liner. If you are painting straight from the can, you can place the can in a container with a small amount of ice and water in the bottom.
  3. Take advantage of cooler parts of the day, such as early morning, late afternoon, and evening.


Of course, if you don’t want to worry about hot weather or any other painting mishaps, trust the professionals to get the job done. Our painting services are second to none. For further help, advice, and information about painting or other services that we provide, contact Handy-Matt today.