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5 Things to Consider Before Installing a Fence

5 Things to Consider Before Installing a Fence

There are several reasons why homeowners may decide that they want to install a fence. Not only does a fence look appealing and add character to your home, but fences also have practical purposes. Maybe you want room for your dog to run, maybe you want to keep out noise, or maybe you want some privacy from your neighbors. Whatever your reasoning for getting a fence, there are important things you should consider before beginning the process.

Know Why You Want One

Knowing the main reasons why you want to install a fence will help you pick out the perfect one to fit your needs. For example, if you’re just looking to keep your dog in the yard, a chain link fence will probably do the job. However, if your goal is to block noise, you’ll want something tall and solid such as wood fencing.

Consider Maintenance

Certain types of fences require more maintenance than others. While a white picket fence may be the American dream, wood fences require a lot of maintenance. Wood requires occasional staining or sealing and can warp and rot over time. Lower maintenance materials, such as vinyl, offer the look of wood without all the work. Other options for low-maintenance fences include aluminum, steel, wrought iron, and bamboo.

If you don’t mind the upkeep of a wood fence, go for it! However, the amount of attention you are willing to give your fence is definitely something you should consider when choosing materials.

Mix It Up to Save Money

While having the same type of fence all the way around your backyard may look clean and organized, it may not be beneficial for your wallet. If cost is an issue for you, mix different types of fences together. For example, if you’re thinking of getting a fence in the front and backyard, consider a wood picket fence at the front of the home and a chain link fence in the back since the front of your home is what people see the most.

Do Your Research

Talk to your neighbors or neighborhood associations and municipal building code officials regarding the rules for fencing in your neighborhood. Most neighborhoods put restrictions on homeowners. This is important to know so that the look of the fence, the height, and the material, is following proper guidelines.

Hire Professionals

There is a lot more that goes into installing a fence than you’d think. If a fence is not installed properly, you can encounter a lot of problems along the way that you wouldn’t have if you had hired a professional. Let the experts handle this job.

Already Have a Fence? Consider an Upgrade!

There are tons of ways to upgrade your fence to make it look brand new. Consider updating your fence with a splash of color. For wood fencing, consider power washing or staining. Or, if your fence is old, you might even consider getting a brand new one. A fence can up your curb appeal, so you want to make sure it’s always looking in tiptop shape.

Whatever your reason may be for building a new fence or upgrading your current fence, Handy-Matt can help! We provide professional fence installation services and fence staining services. We can also fix or repair any damage to your fence. Contact Handy-Matt today to schedule your service.