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4 Tips to Planning out Your Kitchen Remodel

4 Tips to Planning out Your Kitchen Remodel

Photo of a sparkling oven and stovetop

How much time do you normally spend in the kitchen? Whether you cook three times a day or once a week, your kitchen is one of the central points of your home. At Handy-Matt, we have enjoyed taking a variety of budgets and giving homeowners the kitchen of their dreams. Take these budgeting and planning tips into account if you are upgrading your home with a kitchen remodel.

1. Know How Much You Have to Spend

There are cost-efficient options to remodel your kitchen, and there are very luxurious options as well. Both can be used to achieve your dream kitchen, but you have to know how much you have to spend. One thing to always consider when remodeling in your home is to avoid adding financial stress to your life by overspending.

Plan the project out in advance and solidify a number you want to spend. From there you can budget and save to make sure you are ready to complete the project.

2. Break Down the Options

There are far more pieces to think about than the walls and flooring when you are remodeling your kitchen. We recommend breaking the project down into pieces. Start with the countertops, paint, and cabinets. Once you have decided on the main structures of your kitchen, you can then focus on the smaller pieces. These would be the appliances, lighting, and seating arrangements that you desire.

Breaking down the project will allow you to add your own style to the kitchen. For example, there’s a wide variety of cabinets that will look great with stainless steel appliances. If you choose to go with granite countertops, there are some nice options for complementary lighting as well.

3. Take the Connecting Rooms into Account

Where is the kitchen in your home? If your kitchen is a secluded room, then you will have less to worry about with connecting rooms. If your kitchen is an open space set up though, you need to take into account what the connecting rooms look like.

Make sure to compliment the walls, furniture, and flooring of the connecting rooms. That yellow you love for the kitchen might not mix well with the green in the living room. If you are looking to expand the square footage of your kitchen, the setup of these other rooms will come into play as well

4. Prioritize the Project

One thing to keep in mind is how long you plan to set aside to complete the project. If you are going to do it all at once (which we recommend), prioritizing will be less important. If you are going to piece the project together though, prioritizing will be crucial.

Start with the cabinets, and then work your way through the countertops, appliances, flooring, and walls. Once you have prioritized the project, you can begin purchasing the pieces that you will need, in the order that you need them.

Note: Don’t forget the ceilings: Ceilings often go unnoticed when planning for a kitchen remodel. Finding out the ceiling doesn’t match can ruin your happiness with the project. Although most ceilings are white, make sure that they blend with the other structures.

Aside from these four tips, we encourage you to think outside of the box and add your own style. Get on Pinterest and see what cool ideas you could use in your project. Think about how many people are in your home and how they use the kitchen, and plan accordingly. As always, remodel projects are done best when dealt with by a professional. Submit a work order or call 573-489-4320 to walk our team at Handy-Matt through your vision of your new kitchen.