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Landscaping Services in Columbia, MO

Handy-Matt provides the Columbia, MO area with expert landscaping services and has been doing so for years. Everyone knows that landscaping is an art, much more than just decorating the yard of your home. A well-executed landscape design can make the exterior of your house poster-worthy and complement all of the design that went into building the house.

Handy-Matt LLC Landscaping Services Include:

  • Water Features
  • Plant Services
  • Mulching
  • Masonry
  • Exterior Lighting
  • Anything else you have in mind

At Handy-Matt LLC, we take pride in being flexible. We have ran into very few tasks over the years that we didn’t have the expertise to feel able to complete. We will map out the project with you from day one and provide a quote and time table around your needs on when it could get done.

Increase Your Home’s Value With a Handy-Matt Landscaping Service:

Professional & Local Landscapers

The Handy-Matt team is full of maintenance professionals that have experience to back up their qualifications for the job to get it done right. We have a team assembled that has an eye for design, a motivation to be time efficient, and the pride to back their name behind every project executed.

If you are looking to bring a new look to your current home or add a landscape job to your new home, Handy-Matt LLC is just the service for you. We are the one-stop call that can do it all, and will be excited about getting the project completed for you. Contact us today about your landscaping service needs!