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The Month for Put Backs

February is the perfect month for “put backs”—basically any work or repairs you’d like to get done before spring. Some opt for interior home improvements, some may be preparing to sell their home, while others may need repair from damage in the winter. Whether you’re maintaining or upgrading, there are several things to consider getting […]

Deck Staining and Power Washing in January

With the cold weather finally arriving in Missouri, the holidays a wrap and New Year’s resolutions set, your deck may be the last thing you are thinking about. But should it actually be on top of you mind?

From Handyman to Hollywood

There are many roads to fame, but none of them seem as handy as the road to fame for Harrison Ford. Yes, that’s right, Harrison Ford was a handyman for many years, specifically a carpenter.

How Often Should You Clean Your Gutters

Cleaning gutters is one of the things that has to get done, no matter how big of a pain it may be; it’s just part of owning a house.  The benefits of gutter cleaning are in the things that it actually prevents.

Fall To Do List for Your Home

The differences between summer and winter are stark; those differences can take a toll on your home unless you prepare it properly. Here are some ways you can prepare your home for winter before winter even arrives:

Choose the Right Fence for Your Yard

Fencing around a yard can serve many functions and solve certain issues with a yard; from the height, style, and design you can achieve exactly what you want and make it look good. Here is what to consider if you are on the fence about what to install around your yard.

Reasons To Hire A Professional Power Washer For Your Home

Rage wash. Is that a thing? Perhaps not but we have all tried to clean something only for it to come back with an equal force of not wanting to be cleaned.

Easy DIY Ways To Unclog A Drain

Half way through a shower and your feet are totally submerged? Can’t rinse dishes cause the sink is filling up with water? Wherever your clog, we all have seen them. Before you run and call a plumber, go though these at-home easy DIY tricks for unclogging a drain.

What Can Missourians Do to Save the Bees?

Bees have been getting a lot of attention lately; from news media, activists and even our government. Bees have been disappearing and dying off in huge numbers over the last few years. This is bad news for pretty much everyone; from beekeepers, to farmers to consumers, we all have a lot to lose. However, there is something we all can do to help.

4 Tips to Planning out Your Kitchen Remodel

How much time do you normally spend in the kitchen? Whether you cook three times a day or once a week, your kitchen is one of the central points of your home.